Sector Fund Range

Omnis US Equity Fund

Investment Manager

T. Rowe Price

Fund Manager

Jeff Rottinghaus.

Key fund facts

  • $903.6 billion in asset under management as of 30th June 2017, with a long history of investing since the firm was established in 1937. T. Rowe Price manage more than $486.6 billion in dedicated US equity assets.
  • A well-established, strong track record of manging US equities backed by a highly experienced team of investment professionals. The fund manager, Jeff Rottinghaus, carries with him 16 years of investment experience, 15 of which have been with T. Rowe Price.
  • Rigorous analysis drives an active investment approach.
  • Investment decisions are backed by a powerful buy-side research platform.
  • Their search for competitive performance carefully balances both risk and reward.

Investment Objective

The aim is to achieve capital growth.

Investment Philosophy

Taking a steady, long-term approach.

Our founder, Thomas Rowe Price, Jr., noted that “change is the investor's only certainty.” At T. Rowe Price, we believe our consistent, client-centered investment philosophy has helped us navigate all kinds of markets.

The core of this philosophy - utilising proprietary research to guide active investment selection and diversification to reduce risk - anchors our investment process. Our investment professionals share insights, ideas, and opinions across disciplines and time zones to find the best solutions for our clients in more than 40 countries. For over 80 years, this collaborative, disciplined approach has stood the test of time. 

Investment process overview

The T. Rowe Price investment process centres around the belief that high-quality, large-cap companies will produce superior risk-adjusted returns over time. A process centred around intensive, company-specific research enables the team to identify companies with compelling business models and strong management teams.

An experienced pool of research analysts are integral to the idea generation process. The analysts are industry specialists, therefore focus on examining companies within a particular sector, resulting in deep knowledge of the individual companies which often stretches back more than a decade. They follow a disciplined and consistent approach, looking for companies with an attractive business model and strategy, have a management team with a compelling strategic vision, operate within an attractive industry structure, and have a stock price valuation that is reasonable. The top ideas of the analysts are then rated as ‘buys’, before being fed through to a highly experienced portfolio manager who then builds a high conviction portfolio of 50 stocks or fewer. Special attention is paid to the ongoing collaboration between the analysts and the portfolio manager.

As a result of this approach, most of their value add can be expected to be derived from stock selection. The process is a flexible one, meaning that no particular investment style is relied upon, with investment opportunities sourced from the full breadth of the market. The investment universe is defined as primarily larger US companies with market capitalisations of US$5 billion or greater. The maximum allocation to any one company is limited to 4 percentage points above or below the benchmark weighting, and non-benchmark securities will form 10% of the total portfolio or less. Sector limits, for example allocations to the technology sector or the financial sector, are generally limited to +/- 10% relative to the benchmark.