Sector Fund Range

Omnis European Equity Fund

Investment Manager

Jupiter Asset Management Limited.

Fund Manager

Cédric de Fonclare.

Investment Objective

The aim is to achieve capital growth.

Investment Policy

  • The Fund aims to invest primarily (meaning at least 70% of its scheme property) in equities issued by companies incorporated in, or having significant operations in Europe, excluding United Kingdom.
  • The Fund may also invest in transferable securities, money market instruments, warrants, units in collective investment schemes and deposits.
  • The Fund may also make use of derivatives for the purposes of efficient portfolio management. It is not anticipated that such use of derivatives will have a significant effect on the risk profile of the Fund.


Jupiter’s investment approach revolves around one concept. They seek to deliver outperformance over the medium to long term without exposing investors to unnecessary risk. They believe people are the key to success and are committed to attracting and retaining some of the most talented fund managers in the business by creating the right culture for them to operate in. To help achieve this, Jupiter abides by the following basic set of principles:

  • fund managers are given the freedom to outperform
  • a belief in genuine active management
  • meeting and assessing the management of the companies they invest in
  • an emphasis on fund manager accountability