Sector Fund Range

Omnis Global Emerging Markets Equity Opportunities Fund


Somerset Capital Management


Christopher White and Edward Robertson


  • Stock picking – the fund uses an active stock picking approach to identify companies undergoing positive change that is not yet reflected in the share price.
  • Smaller companies – the manager believes smaller companies listed in emerging markets are under-researched and, consequently, frequently present attractive opportunities for active stock pickers.
  • Expertise - the lead manager has over 15 years’ industry experience and benefits from the collaborative approach adopted by Jupiter’s seven-strong team of emerging market equity specialists.


The fund aims to achieve a return consisting of both income and capital growth which, after all fees and expenses, exceeds the MSCI Emerging Markets TR Index over a five year rolling period.


The fund intends to invest at least 80% in the equity securities of Emerging Markets companies defined as those which are domiciled, incorporated or have a significant exposure to Emerging Markets. The fund will adopt a flexible approach to investment, seeking to invest in companies that are undervalued relative to their economic potential. Exposure to small and medium size companies will be greater than 50% of the fund. Small and medium sized companies are defined as those with a market cap of $10 billion or less at the time of the fund’s investment. Companies whose capitalisation no longer meets this definition after investment will continue to be considered small and medium market capitalisation companies.

The fund may also invest in other transferable securities (for example, equity securities of other international companies), units in collective investment schemes (including schemes managed and operated by the ACD or its associates), money market instruments, warrants, cash, near cash and deposits as detailed in the Prospectus.

It is envisaged that the investment portfolio of the fund will be concentrated, typically comprising between 40 and 60 holdings.

Derivatives may be used for the purposes of hedging and efficient portfolio management.


Company meetings are central to the manager’s process. The single word that can describe his philosophy is ‘change’. Changes that drive share prices can occur at a global level, an industry level and at the company level. Ross seeks insights into how company prospects are changing, which he believes are not taken into account by the market.

Many of these insights centre on underappreciated growth, but he will also consider stocks for which he believes there is a potential turnaround in the business. Ross and his team work with independent experts and companies that do business with prospective investees to crosscheck and confirm these investment insights.

The fund is actively managed and the manager has full discretion when choosing assets to invest in (in-line with the fund’s investment objectives).

Investments in emerging markets carry an increased risk of volatility and lower liquidity than developed markets in addition to exchange rate fluctuations.