Sector Fund Range

Omnis Emerging Markets Equity Fund


Investment Manager

Jupiter Asset Management Limited.

Fund Manager

Ross Teverson.

Key fund facts

  1. Stock-picking – the Fund Manager uses an active, bottom-up stock picking approach to identify high quality companies with strong future growth potential.
  2. Risk aware – the Fund Manager is cognisant of the stock-specific and political risks in emerging markets and takes a conservative, diversified approach to portfolio construction.
  3. Expertise - the lead Fund Manager has over 15 years’ industry experience and benefits from the collegiate approach adopted by Jupiter’s seven-strong team of emerging market equity specialists.

Investment Objective

The aim is to achieve capital growth.

Investment Policy

The Fund intends to invest primarily in companies incorporated in, or significantly exposed to, emerging markets. The Fund may also invest in other transferable securities (for example, other international equities), units in collective investment schemes, money market instruments, warrants and deposits as detailed in the Prospectus. No more than 10% of the Scheme Property of the Fund will be invested in other collective investment schemes.

Use may also be made of stock lending, temporary borrowing and cash holdings. Derivatives may also be used for the purposes of hedging and efficient portfolio management.

Investment process overview

Ross is a fundamentals-driven stock picker and company meetings are central to his process. The single word that can describe his philosophy is ‘change’. Material changes that drive share prices can occur at a structural level, an industry level and at the company level. Ross seeks insights into how corporate prospects are changing, which he believes are not taken into account by the market.

Many of these insights centre on underappreciated growth but he will also consider stocks for which he believes there is a material turnaround in the business. Ross and his Global Emerging Markets team work with independent experts and companies that do business with potential investee companies to crosscheck and corroborate these investment insights.

Investments in emerging markets carry an increased risk of volatility and lower liquidity than developed markets in addition to exchange rate fluctuations.