Sector Fund Range

Omnis Alternative Strategies Fund

Investment Manager

Octopus Investments Limited.

Fund Manager

The Fund is managed by the highly regarded Octopus Multi Manager Team, a six strong team of investment professionals. The Team adopts a collegiate approach with Simon Reynolds as Fund Manager.

Key fund facts

  1. Risk mitigation – A highly diversified fund-of-funds approach, employing an active/passive investment technique, enables the fund to invest in attractive alternative strategies while controlling manager-specific risk.
  2. Absolute returns – Octopus’ track record demonstrates the managers’ ability to generate stable and positive returns regardless of prevailing market conditions. Past performance is not a guide to future performance and may not be repeated.

Investment Objective

To achieve a positive return above the rate for cash over the longer term. Cash is measured as GBP LIBOR over a three-year rolling period.

Investment Policy

The Fund will be invested to exploit anomalies in markets including in the equity, fixed interest and property markets. The Fund intends to invest primarily in a range of collective investment schemes. The Fund will also invest in exchange traded products, money market instruments, cash and near cash, deposits, transferable securities, derivative instruments and warrants. Subject to the requirements of the Regulations, the Fund will normally remain fully invested. There will be no restrictions on the underlying content of the investments held, in terms of investment type, geographical or economic sector, other than those imposed by the Regulations, meaning that the fund manager has the absolute discretion to weight the portfolio towards any investment type or sector, including cash, at any time.

Use may also be made of stock lending, temporary borrowing and cash holdings. Derivatives may be used for the purposes of hedging and efficient portfolio management..

Investment process overview

The Fund is structured as a fund-of-funds. This allows the dedicated multi-manager team at Octopus to allocate capital across a range of specialist fund managers. By diversifying the manager risk and giving clients access to a range of suitable investment strategies the Fund can achieve its aims.

Investments with active managers are complemented by index tracker holdings. This allows the Fund to be nimble in capturing global multi-asset investment opportunities as they arise, as well as offering risk controls to the overall portfolio.