Our fund range

Sector Fund Range

To help reduce risk, all Omnis funds give investors a stake in a very wide range of different types of assets selected from major investment markets worldwide. The question is how best to do this.

The Openwork Graphene Model Portfolios combine our skills at Omnis with those of our sister company, Openwork.

First, we at Omnis identified what we believed to be the seven most important components of any investment portfolio:

  • UK equities
  • US equities
  • Other equities from major markets around the world
  • Equities from the world’s emerging markets
  • UK bonds
  • Bonds from elsewhere in the world
  • So-called 'alternative' investments – smaller companies, property, commodities, and others not included in the first six

We then went on to identify the fund managers we felt were best-equipped to run funds specialising in each of these markets. This was an exhaustive process, in which we considered and researched well over 100  firms, closely scrutinising a short list of 23 before selecting the firms to manage our sector funds.