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The Omnis Managed Portfolio Service

The Omnis Managed Portfolio Service is available exclusively through Openwork Advisers.

It aims to give you peace of mind as Toni Meadows, Chief Investment Officer of Openwork Wealth Services Limited, and his team actively manage your investments' exposures to each underlying asset class in line with their views on the markets. This means that they may not rebalance the portfolio if they think markets will continue to move in the same direction or they may adjust the exposures if they think too much risk has been introduced.

For more details, please download the Omnis Managed Portfolio Service Brochure (which you'll find with a range of other guides in the downloads library), or contact your Openwork Financial Adviser. Alternatively, please find an Openwork Financial Adviser (clicking this link will take you to a third-party website).

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Omnis Managed Portfolio Service update - Cautious

Omnis Managed Portfolio Service update - Balanced

Omnis Managed Portfolio Service update - Adventurous

Image Of Toni Meadows

Toni Meadows

Chief Investment Officer

Toni has over 24 years’ experience in financial services, more than 17 of them in private client fund management. He has been Chief Investment Officer and held senior roles at a number of leading investment management businesses.  

Toni has established and managed multi-asset portfolios for a range of private clients as well as managing research, portfolio construction, risk and operations teams.