About us

Investment philosophy

Our key principles

We aim to provide high quality investment solutions, which achieve the results that Openwork clients expect from their investments over time. 

To help clients achieve their investment objectives, we are committed to three key principles:

1. Investment diversity

We believe that the best way to reduce the risks of investing is to spread your money widely across a large number of individual investments. The Omnis funds spread investors' money in this way. You won’t invest in individual shares, bonds or other securities, but rather shares in the Omnis funds.

2. Fund management diversity

We don’t believe that any single fund manager can be the best at every different kind of investment. That’s why we’ve appointed a range of different fund management firms to work with us. We review them regularly and make changes in the line-up if and when we think it’s necessary.

3. Fund diversity

We know that people are different and need different investment solutions. That’s why we offer a wide range of different fund types so that your Openwork adviser can design a solution that’s right for your particular needs.

Attitude to risk: the cornerstone of our approach

The most important and least escapable reality of the world of investment is the relationship between risk and reward.  

risk vs reward

The graph tells a simple story:

  • investments that offer higher potential for reward are typically higher risk - in other words, higher possibility of losses
  • lower risk investments typically generate less reward

There are three key considerations:

  1. Before even starting to think about designing an investment solution for you, your Openwork adviser’s starting point must be to understand how much risk you are willing - and able - to take. The answer will depend on several different factors, including how much money you have, your commitments and responsibilities, your future plans and, importantly, your personal feelings on the subject.
  2. In designing the solution, the most important things your Openwork adviser must have are the investment options to match your 'risk profile' accurately. This is likely to involve some kind of blend or combination of funds that reflect your appetite for risk or, in the case of a single fund, one that offers appropriate diversification. Our fund range enables this approach.
  3. Things change over time. Your own circumstances and plans may change in ways which have implications for your attitude to risk. It’s your Openwork adviser’s responsibility to stay in touch and recognise such developments as they occur. It’s our job to ensure that the funds adhere to a pre-determined risk profile. 

The Omnis range has been designed to help you and your Openwork adviser build an investment solution that accurately reflects your requirements and your attitude to risk.

Please note that the value of an investment may go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested.